Matlosana-Business-Week-LogoThe theme for the Matlosana Business Week 2014 is “Pass It On”. The Business Week will be used pass on the practical help & support needed by early start-ups and individuals who are considering taking the business plunge.

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Encourage those people who are not yet entrepreneurs to think about starting up their own business.

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The Importance of Matlosana Business Week

The Matlosana Business Week is about growing enterprise ambition and ensuring that those with ideas know where to get the support they need to make them a reality.

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About the Matlosana Development Forum
MDF is an advocacy, lobbying, networking and capacity building
VISION Matlosana is an elite city of successful and involved citizens.
MISSION To realise its vision by:
  • Monitor the implementation of policy, legislation and strategic direction for the socio-economic promotion in Matlosana.
  • Promote a culture of learning, co-operation and partnership with all other development actors, both domestic and national,
  • Serving as a collective, independent voice for the rights and needs of the Matlosana community
  • Lobby and advocate for the improvement of economic and other developmental opportunities for Matlosana and its people.
  • Develop and promote Matlosana
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